Sound tactics win battles.
Sound operational art wins campaigns.
Sound strategy wins wars.




Tridente Strategies provides support on all aspects of political and community outreach campaigns. Our team oversees the day-to-day operations, communications efforts and grassroots activities, budget, hiring and management of consultants and staff, as well as the implementation of fundraising operations.

Our ability to craft compelling messages that can reach and engage audiences has a proven record in both the general and Hispanic markets. Our team's approach is to focus on ongoing messaging strategies through a comprehensive outlook, which takes advantage of all available communications platforms. Additionally, we provide thorough data analysis to maximize our clients' message and to ensure efficient voter targeting.



Tridente Strategies leverages an extensive network of media relationships across the United States. Our team offers our clients a full menu of communications services, from public relations, crisis communications, and social media strategy, to advertising, grassroots and grasstops efforts, and coalition-building.

Our team has a demonstrated track record framing messages to make them resonate in diverse markets and across all types of platforms, including print, radio, television, and digital. We work with a holistic approach customizable to each client, so they can effectively engage with their target audiences and constituents.



Tridente Strategies builds and manages relationships with key decision-makers and stakeholders to shape public opinion and rally popular support for, or recommendation of, our clients' particular cause or policy.

Our team's vast experience advocating for clients locally and across the state has delivered tangible results through strategic planning and close coordination of all communication tactics. Our goal is to reach and capture our clients' audience, so we can raise awareness and educate them on the issues.



Tridente Strategies is a full-service, bilingual firm that provides clients with a unique array of services, including campaign management, opinion research, advocacy, and public affairs.


Our team has experience covering a wide spectrum of issues and tailoring strategies to fit clients' needs and the demands of Florida's bilingual market.


.⁦@carloslcurbelo⁩ with a #MustRead piece 👇🏼 Only a Transformational Leader Can (and Will) Save Us | The New Republic #FlaPol
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@FrancisSuarez: What an honor to join residents in the newest park and addition to @theunderlinemia. Thank you @Nasdaq and @Airbnb for partnering to bring a beautiful public art piece to the Magic City! Hope everyone can come and check it out ✨
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@KMCabreraFL: Thank you for reporting, Omar! It was a pleasure to meet you and your mom. #TeamCabrera is hard at work keeping our neighborhoods clean. If you see illegal dumping in your neighborhood make sure to report it to @miamidade311 or you can contact our office at 305-267-6377. ☎️
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@carloslcurbelo: Damn I wish my grandmother who lost her home, all her possessions, was permanently separated from her family, and worked at a factory for decades, could have lived long enough to learn that she was privileged. Amazing times.
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@mike23mena: Staggering ignorance. Look how desperately the description avoids using the word “exiles” which is obviously critical. Disappointing from @fiucri. I hope you at least have the intellectual honesty to have someone present the opposing view to this one sided agenda-driven display.
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